Ridgeway Exchange - Arts Council England funding proposal.

Applying for:

Research and development for National Touring (Grant for artists).

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Funding required for:

Project: Ridgeway Exchange.


1. You and Your work.

We propose to start a programme of exchange between The Cube
and several similarly run organisations, in terms of not only
content, but also staff, skills and infrastructure.
We are currently, considering working with:

The Ridgeway Exchange is a pilot project in this
intended programme of exchange.
The Ridgeway Exchange Concept.
As we have aged we have not lost our interest in play:

Play is an instrumental mode of behavior that is marked by a
contest for power or dominance [..]. Play is used in such a
contest in order to establish an identity within a group of
people [..]. play is a limited task that is bounded, repeatable
and is experienced subjectively as pleasurable. (the Internet)

Nor my enjoyment of movement.

we like to consider movement as: movement of the body and
emotions in an immediate moment; movement of ones personality
and social status throughout life.

Ridgeway Exchange is a plot to combine both these interests in an 
event with both The Cube and Limehouse Towhall, who are currently
nurturing an emerging relationship.

Related work:

Foret Fountainebleau Forage will be a follow on from last
years visit to Fountainebleau, but with more people and more
diverse activities (climbing, orienteering and bivoacing). We
are expecting participants ranging geographically from the Cube
and as far away as Canada.

Collective Manouvers was a three day classic community and
collective building event. Collectives converged in Bristol from
across Europe to challenge and compete against each other for
prizes such as self made books and objects.

Tour d'fence was an examination of Bristol barriers, by invited
cultural collectives, which was later scaled up in Berlin.

International urban adventurers regatta was a parasitic event
during 'A fair Place' festival in Instanbul, forcing the artists
from their white cubes into cold, wet and dirty underground

International urban adventurers rally was our first physical
adventure event specifically designed for artists and
collectives, located in Paris. For three days people climbed
buildings, explored underground tunnel systems and sleapt

2. Making it happen

Last year four teams of Cube core staff provided and received
on the job training at the Access Lab, Sheffield. Inspired by the
successes of this, we have decided to attempt a similar venture
with Limehouse Townhall.

We have already begun the process of formal exchange of staff and
programme content between The Cube and Limehouse Townhall: Saul
Albert has been in residence at the cube throughout March and
April; and The Cube recently provided content for the Omsk event
at Limehouse Townhall.

The Ridgeway Exchange will provide a continuation of these, but
should permit more simultaneity and spontaneity.
Feb 2004First canvassing of interest.
Mar 2004First exchange between Cube and Limehouse of staff and content.
Apr 2004Second canvassing of interest.
May 2004Booking of accommodation and project discussions.
Jun 2004Final arrangements.

3. The finances


Group Equipment50.00 gbp
Food (@ 5.00 gbp per person per day)200.00 gbp
Accommodation (@ 10.00 gbp per night per person)350.00 gbp
Transport (@ 20 per person)100.00 gbp
Documentation50.00 gbp
Other expenditure50.00 gbp
Total800.00 gbp

4. Benefits

With Ridgeway Exchange, as with previous related work, we
intend to create a defined space in which invited participants
can be moved physically, intellectually and emotionally as
individuals and collectively.
Ridgeway Exchange in both its topological scale and its
geographical oppositional form will create a pseudo competitive
environment amongst its participants, which should create both
inspirational challenge and security.

Such a challenge should allow participants to focus, develop
and subvert their individual, group and community identities.

Many of the participants have repeatedly taken part in similar
events and have subsequently developed strong working
relationships. This combined with an influx of new individuals
should create a strong attraction between the two closing

We also intend to not only signal the potential for the route
and the event to be sites for production of art, but also
provide the means of production eg: mobile telephone access
audio archive.

5. Meeting our aims

To change people's lives through the opportunity to take part in or experience
high quality arts activities.
People will not only be active creative participants in an
'art event' and probably produce art projects en-route, but will
also, by doing this collectively, create the context for future
events and collaborations.
To increase opportunities for cultural diversity in the arts. By 'cultural diversity',
we mean the full range and variety of the culture of this country, but with a particular
focus on race and ethnic background.
Both The Cube and Limehouse Townhall's place progressive
enlightenment high on their agendas in their own work
environments and cultural output, so we expect this to
translate in terms of diversity of participants and activities
during the event. Alongside the exchange, we are also be
soliciting participation from other individuals and groups.
For example Simon Pope will be interviewing participants as they
walk for his current study of walking as art practice.
To support excellence, new ideas and activity to help build long-term stability in arts
The Cube is always looking to develop long term context
and commercial relationships with local and national
collectives and communities. The Cube more than most arts
organisations must always be developing not only itself but new
and inspiring activities. This event should either open some
new doors or further push ones already ajar. The Cube and 
Limehouse Townhall have already started to exchange programme
and staff.
To invest in the creative talent of artists and individuals.
The ongoing and repeated nature of these events creates a
credible celebratory context which is essential for enthusiast
investment by both individuals and organisations.
To increase resources for the arts.
Both strong internal and inter collective relationships
are essential resources for organisations such as The Cube and
Limehouse Townhall who trade on social exchange and are part of
the foundations their artistic communities. 

6. Evaluation

We intend to document both the individual participants
projects and the resulting overall content of the event.

We are currently considering producing an audio CD of
mobile telephone activity during the exchange.

These will be published on the event website.