Bristol Food For Free.
2004 TO 2013

Since 2004 we have been mapping the edible plant organisms that 
live within public realms of Bristol City UK. Plants that are 
rooted in private domains yet branch into public space are 
included in this survey. Potential planting sites are also 
investigated, with the aim to increase the life spectrum of the 
city. The map is not like an A to Z; it doesn't have road 
names. The map can be navigated by following the contours of 
the roads, the defining shapes of the city, the plant locations 
as points of reference.

Questions that are often asked:

Will a map of this kind induce an over harvest and depletion of 
free foods?


Will a greater awareness of the potential and value of these 
plants encourage a greater desire, support and encouragement 
for wild/domestic/feral edible plants to enter and exist within 
the public urban domain?


Brandon Hill-City center park
St Werburghs Map- Bristol parish.
Bristol City Map- This map covers a large part of Bristol but not all of it.
Embroidered Shawl Map - Traditional indian embroidered map shawl.
Silk Map - Made in the style of the 2ND World War pilots map.
The Keepers - A live map database.


Edible Urban Food Calendar.
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Planting Sites / Border ecology
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