Food for Free ~ Material Maps.

If the map is on material, we can wear it; wearing apples on sleeves, plums on the
knees, walnuts wrapped around a waist and nettles on the collar.


The plant sites become jewels on the dress, this is real treasure.

Embroidered map was made during an artist in residence posting at KHOJ Studios,
Khirkee Village, New Delhi, and in partnership with the RSALondon; Department of
Arts and Ecology.

The inspiration: this place is full of colour, shawls and sequins.

Down the alleyway not far from the studio we find the right embroidery business to work with.

The map is made in five days and they agree to teach kayle Brandon and Vahidia Ramujkic (
rotorrr ) their technique.

The map is for hanging on the wall or for wearing as a shawl.