RED#NET Arts Council England funding proposal.

Applying for:

Developing and realising visual arts project
Grant for artists (collaboration)

Kayle Brandon <>
Heath Bunting <>
40 Rosebery Ave, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9TN
Tel: 0117 9553780

Funding required for:

Project: red_net

1. You and Your work.

1. You and Your Work

We have been engaged in the exploration and critique of urban public space, via movement and

Red#Net is a progression from interventionist approaches into autonomous installations and construction
in urban environments

We want to develop semi_functional works that have aesthetic and social consequences.

Red#Net intends to be a multi-functional, permeable, portable surface that reroutes and reapplies
public space
The scale and functionality of the surface is site and context specific. Functions we envisage: access,
bridging, connecting, blocking, and diverting.
We will chart the regions defined by the axis of access/ prevention and horizontal/ vertical

The construction technique: Traditional rope knotting and weaving.

The Red#Net project refers too and expands upon the functionality of fences.

"Fences, supposedly temporary often mobile barriers performing functions of inclusion and exclusion,
entrapment and guided freedom, decoration, safety, user boundary, protection from hazard, flow control,
visual screening and user separation", Tour De Fence Catalog 2003.

This project feeds into our investigation into spacial, social relations and the politics of movement.

Previous related work:

The installations will take place in Bristol UK and internationally.

We have been invited by Ximena Narea of heterogenesis: To develop and
tour this project at three south American biennales this year.

We see this opportunity as highly beneficial to our practice. To fulfill a project of this kind in this
context will be challenging and of great interest.

The opportunity provides us with professional development of our practice, exposure of our work,
extending networks and heightening possibilities for future work.

We need funds for project production, professional development, and travel costs. 

Making it happen

We have structured a working schedule outlining different stages of the work in progress:


June/ July 2003.

Developing methods of design, construction and installation:


August 2003.

Testing full scale practicality, form, and social effects of horizontal and vertical installations.


September 2003 / January 2004.

Constructing specially constructed nets in sensitive environments.

We intend to make public invites

For installations in Bristol we will publicize the work via posters, invites and media exposure.


October/ November 2003.

We have been invited by Ximena Narea <> of heterogenesis: to take part in Proyecto LIMES 2003.

Heath Bunting will also be showing BorderXing Guide: at the Santiago biennale.

The finances


Materials300.00 gbp
Travel1400.00 gbp
Fees600.00 gbp
Publicity100.00 gbp
Total2400.00 gbp
 I will be applying for a Bank loan and Heath will be using his private income to support this
activity with the hope that we will receive funding, we may look into funding from the British Council.  
The people that have invited us to attend have no money for us, they will provide some accommodation.


We are excited by this project. Pursuing and realizing a new project is always of benefit as new
things are always learned and the outcome often unexpected.

The work is positioned within an experimental public art context.

The audience will be passersby, the invited guest and the participant; we can not fully gage the total
sum of benefits the project will bring to these people but we expect interest.

We envisage requests from other groups for Red#Nets to fulfill needs i.e. to gain a different view.
The project contributes to debates on Urban social situations.

Developing and showing work in three international biennales this year, will significantly enhance our
practice and raise our profile within the Bristol and international arts community, This will be of
most benefit to me as I am at an earlier stage in career.  The opportunity will also develop our
emergent collaborative practice and provide future opportunities. 

5.Meeting our aims

By supporting us the Arts Council will be providing us with an opportunity to experience and
contribute to high-quality international arts events.
The support would further our experience in producing important art works that inform contemporary

The investment would have long term significance for our current practice and future work. 


We intend to document, and assess the social and personal significance of the project. We
recognize that observational accounts of the project will be of importance to future work.
This project will be accessible via a web site and printed media.

We are happy to write accounts and provide talks.