3 The Dandelion . Taraxacum officinale.

One of the first flowers of spring, the Dandelion is both hardy and voracious in staking its territory. Blooming from May to October.

It has a recognisable bright yellow flower, jagged-lobed leaves, a hollow milky stem and the famous white seedball which disperse their parachute seeds by wind.

It adapts to many terrains, soil conditions and weather. The ability to be highly adaptable will aid you. It can be found in in pastures, meadows, waste areas, roadsides, Urban Industrial, civil areas and all lines of drift: Assume lines of drift (road, railway) are patrolled either by uniformed of plain clothed security.

Plan routes tangentially to all routes.

Avoid travel on lines of drift that are put in place too observer the movement of persons. ie check points,

Its yellow head and the young leaves are Edible

4 Wild Strawberry . Fragaria vesca.

A delicate, thin-leaved plant, has a white five petal flower, and then like jewels, scarlet berries, cone-shaped and studded with tiny, brown seeds.

The ultimate aim of postmodern border management is above all the filtering of presumably useful from $ Wild Strawberries tend to choose positions of shelter in open meadows, along streams, light woodland and some grasslands.

Edible and delicious; Make use of food and water along way. Obtain local currency before entering country.