1 The common Buttercup . Ranunculus acris.

The buttercups, signature is the glossy bright yellow flower which it produces all summer long. It is mostly found in fields, meadows and unkeapt urban areas, preferring a well drained soils.

The Buttercup may grow as high as 3 feet, but most are usually between 1 and 2 feet in height.

Warning: Make you start and finishing points unpredictable. ie not nearest large town to nearest large town. Buttercups contain toxins that can cause poisoning in both humans and animals if ingested.

Restrictions and limits, channel resources in the direction of predators.

2 Mouse-ear hawkweed . Hieracium pilosella.

Mouse-ear is a Solitary yellow dandelion-like flower; on a leafless stalk, the leaves are oblong and covered with stiff hairs flowering from June-September.

The mouse-ear Hawkweed tolerates soil that is nutrient-poor and is drought tolerant. It is very good at stacking its own territory by creating a dense mat that other plants cant penerate: Travel light. It can be found to habitat, car_parks and other low_level urban sites (crossing borders in such places can be fairly simple and risk free); railway sides (Passing an active rail tunnel on foot requires careful observation of traffic for safe passage); urban wastelands; poor meadows and open woodlands. notes: borders become more defined by the economic movement,than that of the movement of persons.

For the sake of elite power, human movement is restricted and information and money mobilized.