The Avon Canoe Pilot - Goal Ferry Slipway.

river avon new cut gaol ferry bridge slipway bristol

Gaol Ferry Slipway (under Gaol Ferry Bridge), Coronation Road, Bristol.

Coming from The Docks Bathhurst Basin into the New cut.

Carry the canoe over Gaol Ferry Bridge and down the slipway path. 
Place the canoe down and carefully commence the walk down the 
slipway, hold and guide the canoe as you descend. Take caution, the 
way is muddy and slippery. Once you have reached the waters edge 
take turns in entering the canoe.

Best conditions for this access: high water to one hour either side of low water. 

Goal Ferry Slipway (under Gaol Ferry Bridge), Cumberland Road, Bristol. 

Carrying the vessel down the slipway path. Once by the ladder position, stand 
side by side and use the ropes to lower the canoe into the water. Enter the canoe 
via the ladder holding a guide rope during the descent. Steady the vessel and 

Best conditions for this access: when too lazy or embarrassed to carry canoe 
over the foot bridge.
Avon canoe pilot.