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The DUO Collective Are a dyadic cyclone consisting of Kayle Brandon:


and Heath Bunting:


Formed in 2002, Duo produced a range of projects, in terms of
duration, formality and resources. Some where short, messy and cheap,
others where long, expensive and structured.

DUO's concerns and interested could be summaries as:

    * Creative destruction.
    * Collectivism and context construction.
    * Physical activation and participation.
    * Exploration, training and adventure.
    * Ecology and environment.
    * Techniques of daily life.


Advert expressionism billboard graffiti
Avon canoe pilot
Belen bumps
Botantical Guide To Borderxing
Borderxing slide show
Collective manouvers Cube outdoor
Daily news
Dry store
Lunch packs
Food for free
Foret de fontainebleau forage
International tree climbing day/
Tunnel treasure hunt
Tunneling project
Ridgeway exchange
Status project