UPDATE: swine flu (H1N1) pandemic is here - evacuate to the wilds !

Sponsored Influenza Pandemic Evacuation Rehearsal (SIPER).

A summer camp for survivalists.
12-19 September 2005.

SIPER is a component of Nothing Can Surprise US (NCSU):

The next influenza pandemic is long over due and expected 
to kill at least 1 billion people worldwide in 12 months.

The survival of urban dwellers can be assisted by a 1 
month evacuation to the country.

Evacuated yourself and chosen companions to a safe haven, 
avoiding population centres and transport, which would 
both be dysfunctional and dangerous during the real 

If alone, feel free to join the cube staff for refuge in 
the caves of Skye, living on a diet of snails and 

Raised funds to be donated to your chosen disaster relief 
fund e.g. recognised international NGO or friends utility 
reconnection fee.
Sponsorship form.

Siper surviver's manual.

Siper Skye notes.

Siper Skye images.

Siper report booklet.

Siper sponsor's tea.