Dear tree climbers,

ITCD is scheduled to be held on Sunday 19 March 2006,
between the hours of 13:00-16:00.


Integrate the vertical SUPER_SURFACE
Integrate the vertical SUPER_SURFACE
Integrate the vertical SUPER_SURFACE

Located at (General areas):

- Ashton Court Estate, Bristol, United Kingdom.
- Grounds of Byron Bay centre for the Arts, Byron Bay, Australia.
- Fairlands valley park, Stevenage, United Kingdom.
- Hampstead Heath, London, United Kingdom.
- Ipswich (all along the A12), United Kingdom.
- Pecs, Hungary.

Tell us your area of activity.

Become routed in ascents, transitions, swings and jumps.

Bring refreshments.

Lets hope it doesn't rain.


- Kayle Brandon
- Heath Bunting


The sun came out We bore witness so some awesome climbing Luke from Bath crossed from a Chestnut to an Oak in high canopy _ A gang brought slings and maded a show of body twists and turns hanging from a branch _ There were times when you looked around and every tree had a family of people in it - No branch or limb breaks were reported Bristol Ashton court 2006