Fri 23/ Sat 24/ Sun 25 APRIL 2004

Three days of surviving on broth from the bones of wild bore
and berries.

Bivoaced amongst the elephantine rocks of the best
bouldering region of the world.

Clambering and climbing permitted in between meals.

Open to all ages and abilities.

Paris is 20 minutes away by train for rest and restauranting.
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Thursday 2221:00Meet for dinner at Restaurant La Passerelle, 15 rue de l'équerre, 75019 paris (subway station pyrénées on line number 11).
Friday 2310:37Depart Gare de Lyon for Fontainebleau-Avon
Friday 2312:00Meet Fontainebleau Station for climbing at Mont Aigu (3 km due west of town).
Saturday 2410:37Depart Gare de Lyon for Fontainebleau-Avon
Saturday 2414:00Meet Desert d'Apremont for climbing at Gorges d'Apremont (5 km nw of town).
Sunday 2510:41Depart Gare de Lyon for Fontainebleau-Avon
Sunday 2514:00Meet Desert d'Apremont for climbing at Rocher Cuvier Chatillon.
For first time visitors to Paris we recommend staying there
overnight and catching the train from Gare d Lyon to
Fontainebleau each morning.

It is also recommended that first time visitors to the forest
spend their first night in Paris or Fontainebleau town before
attempting to sleep out.

A bicycle/ horse is recommended for non-forest sleepers for
swift reunion with rough sleepers.

It is illegal to camp or just sleep overnight in the forest so
discretion is a advised.

It is illegal and dangerous to cut trees, branches or even dead
wood and to make fires in the forest.

So good quality camping stove is recommended for warm food.

There are no rubbish bins, so bring supplies with minimal
Recommended equipment:
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