Dry Store.

Dry _ Store 

Bothys and Hut networks are places were journeying people can rest for free. All tend
to provide simple shelter from the elements, some are highly equipped, others are bare
but can suffice. For things to work, active responsibility of the user is essential.
The networks tend to keep abreast via creating association structures.

Akin to the Bothy, Hut networks of remote regions: DryStore is network of cashes along
routes, meeting points and journeying paths: routes which are often defined by
inaccessibility and minority activity. Dry Store tries to create resources accessible
at all times and along relational routes. The resources provided will not necessarily
be for purely practical needs.

The Stores will be present within inner city and rural UK, installed into public
space; attached to the outside of buildings and dug into the ground, Dry Store will
try to create a defined system, a defined community. 

Stores included: Snack / Bar / Coffee / Text / Manicure

Heath Bunting Mary Southcote and Kayle Brandon are engaged in the project.

Stores currently under construction:

Cardiff to London drystore network.

Inner City Bristol Sleep, Coffee and Text store.