The Avon Canoe Pilot - Tidal stream chart.

tidal stream measurement

Tidal currents are of great significance to low power craft such as 
swimmers, canoes and sailing dinghies.

It is both safe and efficient to go with the maximum water flow instead of in 
opposition to it.

Tidal stream charts provide the exact speed of the current at any given tidal 

Being true to the street, our tidal stream charts were made using low 
technology, high technique.

We threw branches off a measured bridge and timed their journey underneath. 
When the bridge width in meters is divided by the time in seconds you get the 
velocity of the water in meters per second.

Alternately, the purpose of gathering tidal stream data can be put to one side, 
transforming this method into the game of pooh sticks. A game Pooh and friends 
played together on warm and sunny days, played on a bridge over a river.

Our unfinished chart for Ashton gate swing bridge.

Lock master's tidal stream chart for Shirehamption Reach.
Avon canoe pilot.