The Avon Canoe Pilot - Journey Notes.

Things to do and see

1. Docks to New Quarry climbing wall.

 - Ruined wooden structures are portside.

 - There is a hot spring on the muddy bank just below the entrance to
   Clifton rocks railway.

 - The Burwalls underground river resurgence is opposite the hot
spring, you can crawl into it.

 - Peregrine falcons live in the gorge, and often fly over head.

 - The River Frome interceptor resurgence creates a whirlpool, a
collapsing emptiness which you can play with.

2. Docks to Netham Weir via New Cut

 - The sensation of moving under the pedestrian bridges, avoid the spit
   from teenage boys.

 - The giant fig tree at Temple Meads bridge.
 - The concealed cannabis plantations behind Pizza Hut, Brislington.
 - McDonalds shit.
 - Things carrying on regardless of the art world.
 - Once at the weir. Look at it. Kiss, smoke, whatever.

3. Docks circular via Bathurst Basin

 - The sensation of moving under the pedestrian bridges. Avoid the spit
   from teenage boys.
 - Strange Bedminster water outfalls.
 - The plants living in the walls.
 - Porn magazines floating in the waters.
 - People like to wave a lot at untouchables, join in.
 - Tea at Brunel's Buttery.

4 Docks to Avonmouth

 - Look at the creepy crawlies waiting as the water descends whilst
going through the ship lock.
 - Be teased by the lock-masters and rap back.
 - Suspension bridge, Suspension bridge, Suspension bridge.
 - Test depth of water with your panels, avoid submerged shopping

- Two families of herons live either side of the bank. They sit in oaks
and amongst the reeds. They've got lovely legs, and watch as you pass
matching your moves with flighty retreats. Currently the two families
are feuding.
 - Marvel at the mud's reflective glory.
 - It's OK to be angry.
 - See the oriental seaweed, flog it at Farmers Market. It's organic.
 - Drink the drips off Avonmouth Bridge.
 - Resist the temptation of being sucked out into the Severn.
 - It's quite a vulnerable feeling out there.
 - On the way back see the Cormorant family. They nest on the right
side, all in one tree.

5. Docks to Denny Island

 - Breaks through to another level and territory.
 - See Avonmouth notes.
 - See A Journey.
 - There is a dry store on Denny Island.

6. Blank Journey plan

 - Tear it out and start a fire.