The Avon Canoe Pilot - Bristol Blue Flag.

blue flag swimming

Quality of water is quality of life. 

Living in a city can be wonderful if the river is clean
and deeply depressing if dirty. 

People that pollute rivers and lakes are criminals, but that's another story. 

It is common mythology that immersion in The City of Bristol Docks (The Docks) 
will prove fatal.

Analysis of regular Bristol City Council test results suggest that swimming in the 
docks is safe half of the year and blue flag equivalent at least once a year.

Generally, it is unsafe to swim in The Docks after heavy rain as
a result of the surface water run-off into The River Avon, which feeds
The Docks. 

Analysis also suggests that further downstream in The Docks the cleaner
the water becomes (Cumberland Basin being the cleanest). Indicating that The
Docks has an entirely different and possibly healthier eco-system than The
River Avon. 
Bristol Blue Flag 2007.

Bristol Blue Flag 2009.

Avon canoe pilot.



Blue Flag Award Scheme states that Bathing waters must not exceed values of
500 total coliforms per 100ml and 100 faecal coliforms per 100ml in 80%
of water quality samples, and 100 faecal streptococci per 100ml in 90%
of samples taken.
Analysis of water tests.