The Avon Canoe Pilot - Bristol Docks to Avonmouth.

Make a plan, mental or material.

Canoe from Underfall Yard to Bathurst Basin through the Floating Harbour.

Haul the canoe up the wall separating Bathhurst Basin and the New Cut.

Carry the canoe over Gaol Ferry Bridge and down to Gaol Ferry Slipway.

new cut gaol ferry bridge slipway New cut gaol ferry bridge slipway.

Launch your canoe.

Cruise down the New Cut on the outgoing tide.

new cut bristol canoeing heath bunting New cut bristol canoeing heath bunting.

Shoot the New Cut rapids.

Shoot the Cumberland Basin mini rapids.

Cruise down the Avon Gorge.

Take a break on the Horseshoe Bend beach.

Carefully navigate the swift shallows at Nelson's Point.

Contact Bristol VTS and report position and intention.

Moor up in the Swash Channel.

Wait for tide to turn and return to Bristol.

Take a break at the Adam and Eve Folly beach.

Contact Bristol Lock and report position and intention to enter the city lock.

Pass through the lock and canoe to Underfall Yard.

(If it appears you are going to be left outside the lock in the dark and rain
for over an hour then canoe up the New Cut and haul your canoe up the bank and
across the road adjacent to Underfall Yard.


(lw = low water, hw = high water).

Kit List: