The Avon Canoe Pilot - Brunel's lock.

brunel's lock cumberland basin bristol

Canoe to Brunel's lock. Once there, exit the canoe and mount the concrete 
platform. Pull the canoe through the railings and again slightly through the 
next set of railings on the other side. Your partner should now take up 
position on top of one of the concrete columns, (this may induce feelings of 
vulnerability). The other then pushes the canoe towards the column. Once the 
nose is resting near the feet of the person stationed on the column, take hold 
of the nose of the canoe and keep it in position whilst the other person mounts 
and pushes the other nose to the end of their concrete column platform.

Once both canoeists have taken up position, prepare to lower the canoe using the 
guide ropes. Slowly nudge the body of the canoe over the edge and lower using the 
ropes. Use extra rope depending on the height of water. DO NOT WRAP THE ROPE AROUND 
THE HAND, but feed slowly through the hands.

Once the canoe has touched down, take turns descending via the ladders. The first 
pilot must hold and steady the canoe in place for the other.

Best used around high water.
Avon canoe pilot.