The Avon Canoe Pilot - Bathurst Basin.

bathurst basin

From the New Cut into the Bathurst Basin (docks) and vice versa.

Ascend the ladder on the left side of the basin entrance into what is called 
"God's Garden". Avoid contact with the current tenant as he may begrudge your 
passing. Take a canoe bow/ stern rope with you. Once on the bank wait for your 
partner to repeat the action with the other rope (this can be done alone, but 
will be heavier work).

Walk along the bank pulling the canoe along the muddy Bathhurst Basin mouth.

Once close to the Bathurst Basin mouth wall, align the canoe directly below you 
and prepare to pull the vessel up onto the bank side.

Carry the canoe over the concrete barrier and carefully lower the vessel into the 
Docks water, descend the ladder and re-enter the canoe.

Ideal conditions: When antisocial land grabbers disguised as Christians are 
Avon canoe pilot.